Finding His Song

Early one spring morning, while sipping my second cup of coffee, a mama chickadee and four babies settled onto branches on the bush outside the window. I’d seen them coming, and she flew while her little ones fluttered. They were darling, and the littlest one had little feather tufts on his all over making him […]


Writing and Dishes and Blossoms and Faith {Writing Life}

I’ve been distracted from my novel these last few weeks. There’s a list of reasons in my brain, and some of them are real. Yesterday, I decided to do something about it. Did I put my bottom in my chair and write no matter what? No, although that is often the best option. Instead, I […]


Like the Wind {Writing Life}

Readers often ask how I got the ideas for my recent novel, Between the Lies. I told her, “They just came.” The answer I wish I’d give more often is, “They come like the wind.” Because for me, they do. The gunmetal gray of dusk replaced the brilliant yellows, pinks, reds, and oranges of the sunset as […]


Hope & Aloha. . .

Author’s  Note: I wrote and published this back in 2011 about a trip we took several years before that. Today the memory blessed me yet again so I updated the original post. Because in this moment is something that matters to me and maybe to you.  I once told Jon, “If hope has a color […]